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08-05-2014, 11:34 AM
This showed up on the local CL:

Aronow 47/ Apache 47 Offshore High-Performance, Excellent condition - $79000 (OBO, Harrison Township)

This is a very unique off-shore gofast boat designed and built by legendary Donald Aronow.

Before Don's demise, he established a factory in Missouri and started building boats (2) on an improved 45' Aronow Alpha mold. This one was bought new in 1997 and the rigging was completed at Ft Apache by Martin Marine in Lauderdale.

Registered today as a 1995 Pantera 47 (engraved on the dash too as you can see from my photos) it should and would have been called an Aronow 47. Collected by the previous owner, I picked it up 2012. I am the first user in 10 years. It has mainly been stored from 2002-2012 roughly, and one reason it is in such great condition. Always fresh water used.

Don designed this one very light and used Kevlar extensively in the molds. We weigh in at well shy of 11,000 pounds and it drives extremely light. I am a layman but have been told that he took all his performance improvements from his previous companies (Donzi, Formula, Cigarette, etc) and put it into this one. Unfortunately he wasn't able to see it through.

There was a movie on the Discovery channel the other week about him, showing a bit of him and this design.

I was told that this boat was designed with one criteria in mind: Miami to Carribean. 6-8 footers on Lake Erie on the way to Cedar Point have been a lot of fun in this hull and a piece of cake. Comes with a custom built three axle trailer. The photos are mainly from late last season before winter storage.

Clean and clear titles for both trailer and boat. recent appraisal from 2012 is enclosed below. Appraised value of USD $175,000.00, replacement $475,000.00. Asking $79,000

This is brokered by Blue Lagoon Boating Center in Clinton Twp, MI. The website is bluelagoonbc dot com and the email is boats at bluelagoonbc dot com

So, what is this thing?

I've read "King of Thunderboat Row" and I know Don started, bought, and sold a number of companies over the years but I don't recall any mention of a Pantera or building boats in Missouri. Anyone have any background on this project? Was Don involved in the build or maybe just lent his name to it?

This thing is just monsterous! Cool looking boat for sure.

08-05-2014, 12:13 PM
Aronow powerboats is what became of USA RACING after Don was killed the 45 was going to become Don's race boat for his return to racing.

As with all Don's designs he was more the driving force and conceptual mind and not the real hands on designer. Also as with all of his companies the next models usually were concieved at the his prior company and born at his new one.

the molds for most of the Aronow Powerboats were for sale in the 1990s

looks like a 45 all of these has longer LOA when the platform was taken into acct. the 47 was 50 so pantera might have called a 45 a 47

the Aronow 47 looks more like a big Magnum more an express cruiser than race boat with the portholes

what is the HIN?

Morgan's Cloud
08-05-2014, 02:12 PM
I'm sure that all of us who have been around long enough have seen more than enough fiction posted by come lately experts on D.A. and his creations when it comes to selling something that they really want to be associated with the name and brand than you can shake a stick at.

Just to add to what Matty said , I recall that after his tragic demise it was said that anything in the pipeline at USA would be finished up by Jim Wynne .

08-05-2014, 05:36 PM
I believe the HIN starts with PPF, registered to Pantera Power Boats in Overland Park, KS. It does look just like an Aronow 45 though.


joseph m. hahnl
08-05-2014, 09:05 PM
This is the boat :kingme:


08-06-2014, 01:34 AM
...ask Stan. We had some good conversation last week... in 'bama

he was there...


08-06-2014, 07:52 AM
I believe Pantera leased or owned the original molds at some point after Aronow Powerboats closed its doors.