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07-23-2014, 01:11 PM
our annual picnic will be held on the weekend after labor day Sept 5 -7 2014

friday will be informal with early arrivals the picnic will be from 12 noon to 6pm at the twin bay village resort bolton landing NY

pack up the picnic basket and join us make your reservations now that is also the weeknd of the Adirondack Nat'l car show

more info will be posted on our website shortly

07-23-2014, 03:50 PM
Forgot to mention this is the event where we welcome all donzi and other brands of thunder boat and Aronow heritage to Lake George

08-27-2014, 06:58 PM
Doesn't sound like alot of excitement going on at LG ??????????? :confused:

David Hartmann
08-29-2014, 01:40 AM
It is always a great weekend at LG

Scott Pearson
09-07-2014, 08:03 PM
Inferno...Not much going on on this site period. Dont judge a post by how the events go please. This years Picnic was a blast! Lots of old friends showed up and it was great seeing them. They have been missed!

We couldnt have asked for better boating weather and the food and BBQ was once again out standing.

We are looking foward to the 20th Dust -Off!!!!!

09-07-2014, 08:43 PM
Scott, We were in Conn. with the 18 and was coming but no one responded ,so now we're back in Georgia ..... Was 5 hours away

09-07-2014, 08:57 PM
Sorry to have missed it this year.
The pictures on FB look great, glad the weather held out on Sat.
Hope to see y'all in the spring.

David Hartmann
09-09-2014, 09:37 PM
Just a request,

I would have loved to see people and boats. I really have not been to any part of the fall picnic since it was on Speaker heck Island. Lake George has a tremendous number of Donzi's on the lake. Which means all of these Donzi owners are not staying at party central. I am just requesting that there be someway for others to meet up for a run or even at a bar for happy hour. I was searching for info.

Look forward to the spring. Or if anyone is still boating at the lake, hopefully i will see people this season.

Good to see a few pictures anyway.

09-12-2014, 08:08 AM

we always look for input from our members to enhance our events . the weather over the last few years has not cooperated with us. The island becomes expensive and with the weather as of late would have been a disaster .Two years ago a 27 footer sank tied up at the docks in treasure cove imagine a family in a 16 or 18 trying to get off the island and back home with true 6 footers and sideways rain.
The members were also getting tired of dragging all the food and party stuff out to the island . Then the weather rolls in and we are asked to leave the island.

We have tried to have spare docking for guests at our venues and also let people come by car as well. I think the new venue does that very well.

I'm sorry for the lack of info we were dealing with a bad server for the website and it was offline but all the info was on our FB page. I was not able to attend either event this year personal matters kept me away .

I did hear they had a great raft off in log bay with everyone at the picnic. So this gives the people on the Lake and not staying for the food a chance to see everyone.

We shy away from making it a formal run like the spring. that would mean permits and schedules. The Fall Picnic has always been a laid back event with the schedule left up to the attendee.
They can choose run the boat in the morning catch the car show in the afternoon and have dinner by us or have lunch by us and get to town for the big parade that night. Either way the grills and food go all day long .

the spring dustoff is Father's Day Weekend

the Fall Picnic is the weekend after labor day the same weekend as the car show.

looking fwd to seeing you and everyone else this coming spring.

David Hartmann
09-15-2014, 11:11 PM
I understand the issues with the island (kinda).
The rest is just communication. I had no idea when people were going to be at the hotel or on the lake so it makes a drive up in a car or out there on a boat kind of pointless except that it is a nice drive and often a nice boat ride. I am not exactly sure where on the face book page it gave any info than the location. But I am not the most skilled face booker.

I just think that I am not alone in not knowing what is going on, So I thought I would share my two cents.

Hope all is going well and thank you for the response. I know it is a lot of work to make all this happen. Even though I didn't make it I still appreciate everyones effort.

Till next time.

09-16-2014, 07:56 AM
David - Sorry we couldn't connect last weekend. Good luck w/ the new boat!

I too missed the "official" picnic, but snuck up last weekend just because......

Friday was clear but breezy.
Got to run w/ Derek and his nice Cig 20. Northwest Bay was great!
Saw an old (mid 70s) 18 at the Algonquin that I had never seen
Got a fast boat ride in big (to me) water - thanks Jason! Amazing what a difference an extra 10' makes.
Had dinner w/ KVV and Martha - thanks!
Had a chilly boat ride (49 degrees) on Saturday AM. Amazingly I saw a water skier (in a wetsuit). Also a nice Hacker where all passengers had matching fleeces and blankets - very sensible!

I might try to steal one more day when the leaves are peak, but although I may not be quite through w/ summer, summer is just about through w/ me!



09-16-2014, 01:31 PM
Jay, had dinner at The Boathouse on Thursday night, yes it was "cool".


mike o
09-16-2014, 03:51 PM
Cant get the table out there :kingme:

mike o
09-16-2014, 04:06 PM
GAME POINT :kingme:

Sorry cant flip this one :wrench:

Scott Pearson
09-16-2014, 04:45 PM
Last time we were all on the island 2006? The fee was $380.00. That is extreamly hard for the club to get bak if the weather is bad. The last year we did the island the club lost alot of money. Plus some people like to drink and that also became an issue. So we decided to have it at the hotel. Its much safer and we dont risk loosing money.

So now it being 2014 I would think the island is $450+ Back in 2000 it was about $240.00.

Now that we are at Twin Bay there is a large ADK room that has a huge fireplace that we can use if the weather changes. Thats something that really works out well and it would be hard to give that option up. We used it this year for all the food and it worked out great!

09-16-2014, 04:53 PM
Mike O-

I can take you guys.
Any table.......
Any lake..........


David Hartmann
09-16-2014, 09:49 PM
I just wanted to make sure I was clear with my thoughts.

I liked the island but that is not the issue. What would make it possible to participate is just communication. Along the lines of cook out "Saturday at 2PM" or "people meeting at log bay around 3 or 4" or "meeting up for tour of lake at 10AM on Sunday", "several people may be at algonquin friday night", and others,

Seems like that is how the events used to be, which made it possible for me to be part of the event. I assume this information would be helpful to everyone that was not staying at the resort.

Once again i really appreciate the work that people put into this, and if I made the effort to stay at the hotel I would have had a blast. I am just thinking of next time. Looking forward to seeing people next year.

09-25-2014, 07:01 PM
Scott , I know you have alot of pull with the police there ,so can you ask them if I can get a pass for my 2+22 ..... I think it's alittle louder than your Hornet,as it has 5 inch pipes coming out the transom.