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07-06-2014, 03:08 PM
Hi over there. This weekend the annual shootout and Poker run took place at Sandhamn Stockholm. I did run in the up to 24 feet class at the shootout. I was up against the by far fastest 20 footer over here . Itīs a20 foot Stinger with a 608 aluminum chevy. two years back the engine was N/A carb 780hp and they did achive 105 mph. Now they updated the engine for the season supercharged injekted 1140 hp. They run XR upper and Imco -2 lower hammered Bravo 30" N/A engine 1.36 gear. Supercharged 1.26 gear. so far they have reached 120MPH of coarse at calm lakes up north where they live. (they have everything on video and are very serious about it.) At the shootoput they did reach 111 mph . The waters where a bit to troubled for them. I did run 100.4mph and got second place. I get back to you guys later with more info about the season . Regards Bjorn carapi Photo of Donzi action at the race

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Wow, thanks for letting us know what's happening and WELL DONE! -Mike

Ed Donnelly
07-06-2014, 04:55 PM
Thanks for keeping us up to date...Ed

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Very impressive photo! :worthy:

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awsome pic... that just looks crazy fast!!!