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David Hartmann
05-13-2014, 12:07 AM
If anyone is interested let me know

Pristine Donzi St Tropez 6 page flyer with signed letter from Roy Farmer
Donzi vinyl document bag with zipper great condition
1970's Donzi sales card set 18 2+3, 18 corriscan, 19 hornet, 21 GT, 7 meter

Let me know if anyone has questions I posted them on ebay. If you want to make me an offer directly it would need to be before I get an offer on ebay. to be fair once i get an offer o don't remove an item.

Davidyh (at) me (dot) com

If anyone know the origin of the document bag I would love to know. I thought it came with a 7 meter that i got in the 80's but i do not understand the addresses on the bag