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Greg Guimond
11-01-2013, 08:01 AM
1985 hull, (2) 1997 motors, 2010 trailer for $23,500. These things have a 24 Degree bottom which I think came from one of the Donzi molds.

This is my 2nd 24' Sonic and I absolutely love these things as they just do everything well but I need a pole barn and the boat has agreed to sacrifice itself to the greater good :tongue:

1985 24' Sonic cuddy w/twin 1997 250 HO Evinrude O/B's on a aluminum trailer w/dual disc brakes. Speedo shows 75 with everything right. This has been a 3 yr labor of love and has had a COMPLETE restoration and I have dozens pf pix's, receipts, notes etc to document this.

Boat was down to bare hull and every nut, pc of wire, hdwe etc was either replaced or refurbished including 2 new ($500. per) Bomar bow hatches and high dollar 2 part paint top to bottom.
The hull comes from legendary Donzi molds and makes it very fast and also very efficient. It's rough water abilities are amazing.I've been in (both boats) conditions I had no wright being in and they always brought us home safe and sound.
The cabin upholstery is perfect and cockpit upholstery is new. Has Kiekhaefer racing tabs and controls, Lowrance GPS w/fuel monitoring sensors.
Also includes a full mooring cover, cockpit cover and new bimini. Has pop up cleats, bow light and in general the best of everything and needs nothing. CD, i-pod compatible stereo w/wireless remote that will work from the beach/sand bar.

Motors and lower units were built by me and have 65 hrs (as does everything else) on new pistons, port work, Boyesen reeds,seals gaskets, paint and labels and other tricks. They are making north of 250 HP's per and are very, very strong, will launch this boat to plane (even w/a full tank and 6 adults aboard) and pull 26" props to 6200+.
They start, shift, idle and run perfect as they should and you would expect. They have the latest and best carbs ever built for these motors and once warm are virtually smoke free.
They are oil injected w/3 gallon tanks w/remote fills. You only add oil about every 4th tank of fuel. I also built electric primers so instead of the fuel squeeze bulbs that we all hate, you push a button at the dash and turn the key. As close to 4 stroke ease of operation as you will find w/o dropping $20K per motor and adding 300 lbs of weight on the motor board and loosing 10+ mph.
These are 3.0 liter pre-direct injected vintage which makes them worse on gas but better for ease/cost of maintenance, cheaper oil etc, etc. You can check my background out on these motors by visiting TwoStrokeOnly.com. I am anal about my break in and these motors went through 10 hrs of break in before being lit up.IMO, the boat is the most fun at about a 50 MPH cruise where the motors are barely working and w/the wind deflectors up you can carry on a conversation and listen to Jimmy Buffet on the stereo as you enjoy the scenery. Way cool stuff and something most boats aren't capable of doing.

Trailer is near new, tandem torsion axle w/disc brakes on both.

In general, this go fast cuddy (largest in class by far and equal to most 30' go fasts) is as close to perfect as I could make it and is arguably the best and nicest 24' Sonic on the planet. It will come w/all safety equip.
During the restoration, I put a lot of effort into storage space and there is now more than you will ever need. On our Keys trips we load, 2 bicycles, an 8' dinghy, beach chairs, umbrella, table, grill, 2 coolers, snorkel equip,2 duffel bags of clothes, etc and had space left over. I even installed an AC inverter so the Mrs has power for her curling iron ; )

Pretty cool old classic to tow around the country and play with where ever you choose. Fast enough to be a blast to drive and big enough to spend a week on like we did down in the Keys.

Also note, I just built side panels to fill in between the front and rear seats as seen in bottom photo.

Thanks Guys!
Gary, 772-913-0669