View Full Version : Mighty Mouse Is Back With A Makeover

Carl C
10-19-2013, 09:16 PM

10-20-2013, 01:44 AM
That's an amazing shot to stern!! ...........a true meaning of surface drive!
MM look's sparkling w/refresh to deck........love the center stripe!

Greg Guimond
10-20-2013, 08:07 AM
Is that really the Mouse?

Carl C
10-20-2013, 08:34 AM
Is that really the Mouse?

Yes, it's been verified on .org by people who know. I thought the video should be here too.

Greg Guimond
10-20-2013, 08:45 AM
That is awesome Carl, thanks for posting it :yes:

Greg Guimond
10-20-2013, 08:47 AM
Is that a "non skid" deck stripe?

10-20-2013, 08:48 AM
Anyone who attended the Lake George Donzi Classic Club's 18th annual dustoff this year was lucky enough to see Mighty Mouse's return. It was the talk of the docks and with the caliber of classics in attendance, that is the highest statement to the job done on the resto mod.

It won several awards and even down on some power it ran like a scalded dog.

the boat is awesome

It appears in our 2014 calendar a few times

I have a few pics they are not to close , I was having motor issues but you can see his cape flying ( rooster tail) for miles.

there are more pics here posted back in June??? no one noticed???? I guess the undercover make over worked maybe the boat should be called clark kent ;)


also check out Ivypanda's photo bucket link in that thread he has some great pics of MM and all the boats.

10-20-2013, 10:53 AM
Looks like a steady porpoise frequency. Interesting.


joseph m. hahnl
10-20-2013, 03:08 PM
Looks like a steady porpoise frequency. Interesting.

It looked like he was running in a good chop:boat: