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As much as I hate to do this, it's time to sell this project boat I been working on. Its still a project and with a few more tweaks (which I may doodle with next week) the 302 engine will fire up. I have assembled this boat from a 'torn down' state when I got it but I do 12 hr shifts with a new job and pretty much lost interest. I dont know too much about boats and their value but I have $3000 wrapped up in this and hope I can at least get it back out and have someone else enjoy this boat. I have some pics of the boat but haven't shot any pics of all the stuff I have that'll go with it (seats, steering wheel, etc) My write up is below...

1969 Vance 17' Boat. It is a project boat that is on the down hill slope I'd say. It just needs a few more things to start it up and the rest is just a boatlover's TLC dream. This is a Donzi ski sporter copy.

I have titles for both trailer and boat, in my name and current registration.

Its a 2 1/2" with lock and safety chain. The tires may make a 20-30 mile trip but I would def buy new tires. It comes with a spare tire holder and a really old tire as well. I rewired this trailer and has the 4 pin connector. I would replace the wench strap once the boat was off of it. I have a new front keel bumper to put on, but haven't done it yet.

Has the original holman moody 302 that turns over fine, NUMBERS MATCHING TO THE OUTDRIVE. Had it running but its still in project mode. I pulled it and did a gasket replacement down to the short block and everything looks good still. The only part that is marine certified on the engine is the brand new alternator. Everything else is not 'coast guard' approved but it ran for years with all that stuff before sitting. The engine lid has a wide open scoop so no fumes really build up there. New plugs and wires, new fuel pump, new oil pump rebuilt water pump, all new hoses, new belt and new "HEI STYLE" distributor.

Volvo pent 270 with the 'holman moody' tag on the front of the drive. Its been maintained and runs fine. The old tilt system electronics was a nightmare, I re did the circuitry adding 2 relays to work off a switch and bought a new motor for the tilt and it works fine. I don't have the automatic stopper in place as that whole system crumbled but I do have a new stopper switch so you don't burn the motor up but haven't thought up a way to install it.

Is in good shape, floats and everything. It needs a good de-oxidizing but will shine right up. There is patch work on the right transom that really doesn't look to good but it works just fine, its about the size of your hand. Wiring and switches does work but has many years on it and its getting brittle, would replace all that. Has gauges that work. I have 2 new bilge pumps that go with it. I have another throttle handle that goes with it. Stringers in good shape. Has 2 basic type chairs that can be bought new, but these will work fine. The back will seat 3 people but cushions will need to be made up. Gas tank is empty and will need to have new hoses installed, I have all brand new hoses for the tank. Steering cable works fine. I have a bimini for it and is in good shape, the cover for the bimini could use a new zipper stitched in. I have one of the VANCE pot metal type badges that were on the rear, the other was lost years ago. I removed this badge and have it safe.

I have a few boxes full of new and old boat items, stuff I bought that'll all go with the boat. I have a few old life jackets and a floating pillow that will work but they're old too.

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Still for sale?