View Full Version : updated the gauges just need 3 more!

Moody Blu'
09-01-2013, 01:09 PM
Been having great weekend so far with our new addition to our donzi family our 22 classic.

I changed the original gauges with hardin marine gauges that mop gave me

the fuel gauge did not work though anyone know why it would not work? the original fuel gauge had to be reinstalled. is it possible to put a diode inline to fix this or how can i test it? or do i need to buy a new one?

im thinking the clock is going to go and in place will be either a hour meter or trim indicator..

at some point im going to make a new gauge faceplate and im thinking anodized blue. does donzi or some manf have them for sale with new switches/fuse breaker setup?

ayway the gauge reinstall went smooth, i had to open up the holes a bit for the new gauges other then that nd the fuel gauge smooth sailing... Im going to make all the lights blue for the gauges at some point


Moody Blu'
09-04-2013, 02:43 PM
I looked on the donzi direct site for a gauge faceplate that matches the one in this 22 but could not find one that match the gauge structure this has..

Anyone happen to know if someone makes a gauge faceplate like the one I have?