View Full Version : 12 degree wedges needed Holley square bore (2)

08-23-2013, 07:09 AM
Looking for two Holley square bore 12 degree square bore wedges. If anyone has a few laying around I will buy them.
Thanks in advance, Bert

08-23-2013, 07:56 AM
Hi Bert~~~
I work on old straight inboards all the time.
I have such a carb leveling wedge on my BB Chevy in my American Skier Eagle 24' skiboat.

Glenwood/Glen-L Marine in Calif sells a dozen styles of these aluminum marine carb leveling wedges .
They have a catalog & a great inboard & V-drive race boat website.
The last pair I bought were about $60. each
Very high quality CNC machined wedges.
The thick wedge end has two levels of 1/4" threaded holes for bolts or studs. The thin wedge end has an elongated 1/4" holes.

Trans-Dapt, a division of Mr. Gasket Co., also sells these wedges~~~Speed Shops, Jegs Summit etc. can possibly order what you need out of the Trans~Dapt catalog. These are poorer quality cast aluminum.
Quality not near as good as the Glenwood wedge units.

If all else fails I have three stashed away for future projects !
BUT~~~ You might have to twist my arm however to get me to sell them.

Last resort~~~
If you have access to a band saw & drill press you can make these carb wedges out of a hard maple or a phenolic hard fiber block.

It sounds like the Benchseat Hornet is getting a nice cool Dual-Quad carb set-up ? !
Do you have a Dual Quad Carbed Holman-Moody Ford 427 side-oiler V-drive in the Benchseat Hornet restoration plans ?

I remember setting up a dual Quad Carb Marine set-up using Glenwood angle leveling wedges for a 1955 Chris~Craft 21 Cobra with a very cool 1955 Cal Connell Crusaider Cadillac marine racing V-8 engine about 10 years ago ! It had an old Offenhauser Dual Quad Carb manifold originally on her. Sadly someone had stolen the original carbs, flame arrestors, & carb leveling wedges while in long term boatyard storage. The boat was an origial owner boat from Longport NJ. Originally the Longport Marine's Chris~Craft 1955 showroom boat.
Longport Marine the big South Jersey Chris~Craft dealership and was owned by the Lovett family of automatic bilge pump fame !
Dad & I were restoring the Chris~Craft 21 Cobra for the owner's 50 y/o son.
I wish I owned that spectacular & rare boat today~~~The owner's son sold her two years later ! What a fantastic Boat !

We need to see some of your Benchseat Hornet Restoration Project photo updates !
Post some photos~~~SOON PLEASE ? !

08-23-2013, 02:58 PM
Just bought them at Glenwood. Holley wanted $150.00 ea plus shipping. Jeg's too and Jerry's Marine wanted $180.00 and I have an account. Could not pay that much because it was a rip off.
At Glenwood they were $65.95 ea plus shipping.
Thanks for the tip.
here is the Hornet as it sits today.77050

08-23-2013, 09:37 PM
Last resort~~~
If you have access to a band saw & drill press you can make these carb wedges out of a hard maple or a phenolic hard fiber block.

I've taken one of these off a boat before. I guess you have to make do sometimes.

Ed Donnelly
08-24-2013, 12:41 AM
Any speed shop will carry them I had a wedge on the Pantera (car) ..Ed