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07-31-2013, 11:28 PM
I thought I would start a new project thread about my Benchseat 18 Gentleman's Racer/Speedster Project that has been ongoing since 2010 .

Because of the death of my father who was very involved in this project along with me ,and very serious health issues over the last few months this project was sidelined, and sadly put on hold.

I am just now starting to get back into this fun project and start the new re-power with a small block Chevy and a better Volvo 270 outdrive that I am getting from a fellow local forum member here ~~~Thank's Kevin ! (Wet Vette)

I hope to be posting NEW partially completed project progress photos taken over the last few years here on this NEW forum thread very soon !

I am still in need of several parts to continue & finally complete this project~~~

I am looking for ~~~~

Volvo 280 "T" trim style transom shield with Hydraulic cylinders along with a Volvo or Mercruiser trim pump as I wish to add power trim to the old Volvo 270 outdrive on this unique project~~`.

Also looking for original 1960s-70s stern navigation pole light assembly.
Especially need original Donzi 18/16 stern pole light tear-drop shaped flange base

I also need an original stern light pole
and an original style bow light

Poor chrome OK as I will re-chrome !

Please look through your old Donzi 18/16 pulled-off restoration parts spares !

Stay tuned as I try to dig-up my old project's as-found photos and add NEW later updated photos of my project's continued progress to date !

I will then continue to post on this~~~

NEW Benchseat 18 Gentleman's Racer/Speedster project build progress thread here~~~

As long as there seems to be some serious interest here among forum members to follow along with it's build progress & photos ? ? ? ! ! !

Stay Tuned !

07-31-2013, 11:51 PM
Glad to hear that you are feeling better Brad! Cannot wait to see pictures of your project. I will look around my neck of the woods for some Volvo parts. They are pretty few and far between these days in my area. Get those pictures up!

08-01-2013, 08:15 AM

I'll be watching this thread as this is also my ultimate project....sort of.

Now that the 18' Greavette is in the water (they're never finished), I'll be looking for a BIG WATER boat (maybe a Z25 type hull) that I can convert to a mahogany deck Gentlemans racer style.

Good luck on your project!