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Blind Horse
07-18-2013, 04:08 PM
Can anyone show me a photo of how your throttle cable is connected to the throttle body on a 383 400 HP Black Scorpion with the throttle body lever near the back of the engine next to the K&N filter?

Jeff Vander Yacht
2001 Classic 18

07-18-2013, 05:44 PM
It has been a few years but I think if the throttle connection is at the back of motor the motor is setup for a ski boat app not a I/O setup. you are going to want to confirm it is setup for an I/O and it has the correct wiring harness for the I/O app as well, most 383 stroker were setup for ski boats



do a search on "the sting" if you have any questions drop me a line

good luck

Scott Pearson
07-18-2013, 09:23 PM
What Matty said. Be sure this is set up for an I/O! If that throttle body is turned around like you describe I have a feeling it will have the same issue we had building "The Sting". You will need to run the cable up under the engine and inbetween the transom and block. Then you will have to fabracate a return spring mount.

If the motor does not have the correct harness than that will be another HUGE issue. Does this have CMI Headers?

Blind Horse
07-18-2013, 10:19 PM
The black scorpion I bought does not have CMI headers. The person I bought the motor from reduced the price to exchange CMI headers for standard merc manifolds and risers. I knew that the CMI headers would be difficult to connect to the diverters with such a close distance to the transom so I decided that standard manifolds would be best for me.

I plan to fit the shifter bracket to the outside of the port riser and I will need longer cables for that application but I planned on that.

The harness needs an adapter and I ordered one. So far I don't know of any problems assuming that the adapter works.

The 383 is configured for a bravo application with the bravo water pump and bravo bell housing. The throttle lever does need some sort of bracket and I could probably manufacture something. If someone has a photo of the bracket that they made for this application, I could copy it without reinventing the wheel. I would really like a photo of the bracketing that was done on "The Sting".

Even the youtube video from Michigan Motorz shows a bravo 383 scorpion that is identical to the one I bought but I don't understand why there is no provision for a Merc throttle cable connection. Go figure.

I will try to learn how to send Mattyboy a private message, haven't done one of those yet.

Jeff Vander Yacht
2001 Donzi Classic 18