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07-17-2013, 09:23 PM
I am planning on going up to Lake George in Putnam & Volusia Counties in North Central Florida, anyone in that area that can give me any info on the lake and St Johns River? We are planning on staying at the Georgetown Marina Lodge & Campground, we are planning on August 22nd through the 25th, are there any cool things going on during that time frame, either on the lake or river, or close to Gergetown?
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07-18-2013, 08:32 AM
I don't know of any particular events going on but the river provides a many nice runs. 1. Head north a few miles, take a right turn down a side river that heads to Crescent Lake. Pretty, winding river, lunch in Crescent City. About 19 miles north to the turn. 2. Head north about 26 miles toward Palatka. Have lunch at Corky Bells. Huge dock, large outside deck. Good food and drink. 3. Eight miles north to Welaka, Welaka Lodge, outside bar and grill on the water. 4. Really ambitious, head to the landing in Jacksonville. Leave early, 70 miles each way.

Lake George, west side, about 2/3 the way down, Silver Glen Springs. Big party spot, no booze allowed. Crystal clear water.

Lake George can get really rough as it is shallow and kicks up easily. Not much to do on the Lake and you don't really want to head south. You run into no wake zones.

Best I can do.


PS. I keep to the channel markers as there are some sand bars and shallows to worry about.

07-18-2013, 09:14 AM
Don't forget the springs. Silver Glen and salt springs. Your right there.
Here is a link. Great fun.
Both springs are in the NW corner of the lake. One is a slight ride up a nice creek and the other is closer in from the lake. Both have facilities.
Also, the
Ocklawaha River, Rodman Lake http://www.jimporter.org/lakes/george/

07-18-2013, 10:34 AM
Oh, and some days the Navy is using the bombing range on the east side of the lake (it's marked on maps).
If the wind is right, I can hear them all the way to my house about 25-30 miles away.

There's nothing like Silver Glen Springs on a really hot day. Get there early, tie up to a tree on the south side of the run, and enjoy. The temp will be about 10*-15* below the ambient as it's a first or second order spring w/really high flow (71*, or so).



Last Tango
07-18-2013, 09:18 PM
I can't believe Bob failed to mention that just a few hundred yards north of the Georgetown Marina is the (remains) of the Werl Famus Porkey's Landing, original and former clubhouse of the SEADOGS (Southeast Area Donzi Owners Group).

Porkey's has come on hard times lately, and we no longer meet there. But it is the sort of middle North Florida waterfront marina/restaurant/motel/redneck bar that you saw in the movie "Porkey's" and "Roadhouse" right down to the chicken wire screen to protect the band from "In-coming!". The motel rooms are basic... signs in the bathrooms warn guests not to cut bait or clean fish in the sink.

However, there are some delicious restaurants on the waterfront. They just don't make a big fuss over advertising themselves from the water. The locals will point you in the right direction.

07-19-2013, 05:47 AM
Thanks for all the info, I've been looking at Mapquest, and other sites trying to see what's in the area. We plan on running the boat every day, that's one reason for staying in Georgetown, it looked like it would offer trips in both directions.
I knew about the Salt Springs Run canal because of looking into going to the Lake Kerr Hot Boat Blowout with a couple of friends and their boats, but that trip fell through. I appreciate the info on the channel markers too, sounds like it'll be a nice destination.

08-26-2013, 08:14 AM
Just wanted to thank everyone for the reply's, they really helped. We had a great time in spite of the weather, it rained on us almost all the way up on Thursday!!! If Tom Tom asks "the planned route includes unpaved roads do you wish to avoid unpaved roads" be sure you answer YES!!! OMG what a trip that part of it was, definately NOT a "short cut"!!
Got the boat in on Friday morning headed out towards Silver Glenn Springs about half way across Lake George saw what looked like floating islands of Water Hiacinths that litterally covered the path ahead for miles it looked like, so we turned back. We ran the river up to just past Palatka and back, what these boats were made for!!! Great scenery, weather held off, water was perfect, according to the Chart Plotter we ran 114 miles all together. Fueled up and went to the entrance to Silver Glenn Springs again after finding out that what we had seen on the Lake earlier were patches of water hiacinths not a solid line, when we got the to the spring entrance it was blocked by the hiacinths so we didn't go in, checked out the lake which is HUGE!! Thankfully we had the chart plotter so it was nice cruising, we did see tons of fish "Skipping" across the water ahead of us, one almost got to ride with us, my wife said he had Blue eyes lol!!!
Cruised both the lake and river again on Saturday, weather was nicer in the morning, lake was almost a flat calm, river was the same. We stayed at Georgetown Marina Lodge & Campground in their Cabins. They were "rustic", and dated, but nice and clean. The management was very friendly, helpful, and accomodating. I will definately go back, it gives you direct access to both the lake and river, not to mention awsome views, both Sunrises and Sunsets, fuel, and ice -- everything you need.
We had dinner at Corky Bells on Friday, and Shrimp R Us & More on Saturday, Corky Bells was awsome, and Shrimp R Us was good. Also had "Brunch" at 3 Banana's on Sunday on our way home.
Overall we had an awsome time, and will be planning on returning again.