View Full Version : anchor&cuddy compartment filling with water. 27zx

06-27-2013, 07:01 AM
I bought this 1996 27zx last spring and have been loving it! Last summer I noticed some water was gathering in the compartment in the cabin, under the bed cushions, just forward of the storage for the porta potty. This year we have had a lot of rain so far and my anchor compartment, up front keeps filling with water, and so does that cabin compartment. I'm talking about gallons here, in maybe 4/5 days I had to bail out at least 10 gallons from the achor compartment and 14+ gallons from the cabin compartment. This last time, the floor in the cabin was soaked also.

I popped the access port to the forward bilge and there didn't seem to be much water in there, and after unclogging the hose it pumped just fine, but didn't pump too much because of the lack of much water in that certain area.

I'm fairly new to the boating world, but shouldn't the anchor compartment drain into the hull or somewhere? And anyone have any idea what's going on with that cabin compartment filling up? I've searched for a drain hole in both compartments and can't find anything.

Thanks in advance for any help!!



06-27-2013, 10:32 AM
I had a similar issue with my 99 26 zx filling the forward locker in the cabin with water. I discovered the factory anchor locker drain hole to the outside nicked the anchor locker tub. Which resulted in the water draing into the cabin. I still have issues with getting water in the cabin subfloor that I think comes from the front step bilge area you spoke about. Hope this helps