View Full Version : Engine Hatch Rocker Switch Wiring

06-03-2013, 12:23 PM
Hi Donzi friends!
I just replaced my factory gauges for Livorsi (on picture). I removed all gauges and rockers from the dash panel. I mapped all the connections from gauges and rockers. After installing back all the rockers I noticed that my Engine Hatch Rocker Switch works to open the hatch but it doesn’t close (there is not a click or any sound).
On the switch I have on the top one black (illuminating wire); in the middle dual black wires (power) both sides; dual green wire onthe bottom left and single green wire on the bottom right. For test purpose I replaced the rocker switch from the Trim Tab but it was doing the same, open but not close. Any suggestions?? Or ideas on how to fix it?? :)
Thank you in advance, Walt