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Morgan's Cloud
05-01-2013, 08:16 PM
Have an old friend who is about to push the button on the purchase of a '98 SeaRay 280BR that came on the market cheap due to a divorce settlement.

SeaRay has an excellent website but they state that parts orders must be made through an authorised dealer and this boat will need a complete upholstery package / covers and a (lord knows where the original went) head. Also will need a new gauge package , although not critical, the original were re-branded Merc to SeaRay.

Does anyone have any (good) references on a dealership in the NE US , or even Fernandina Beach (FL) , our main shipping gateways , that is willing to ship overseas as this stuff will be cheaper to get from a dealer than having made up locally ?

Thanks for all advice .


05-01-2013, 08:44 PM
I have a VERY good friend that is a local parts mgr for a Marine Max store, MM is Sea Ray to the core...

with that said, interior stuff for a 15yo SR will be tough, but if you get me a hull # and HIN # (2 different numbers) i'm sure I can get you a good straight answer

Morgan's Cloud
05-02-2013, 07:59 AM
Buiz , that would be great . But don't go out of your way ,please .

If this comes to pass , I've never gone the route of trying to buy new from the factory before so it'll be a first.
Normally I'd have all the stuff re-done here . It's just that I know it'll cost a fortune to have that done and we really want a cost comparison to go by before making that decision.

The numbers you're looking for are ......

US SERT3345L798

280 BR-1260

This is a bow-rider and has a lot of upholstered sections to it between the bow and c0ckpit . If it had only been covered all this time I think it would still be like new.

Thanks again


05-02-2013, 08:08 AM
Steve... send an email to Jason Packlain @ MM

or call him > 305 758 5786 just tell him Jim from Diesel Power told you to call... he's amazing with SR stuff, I do work for their Serv Dept. too


they sold well over 100 million $$$ in boats at the MIA Boat Show this year, so he's a little busy lately :tongue:

Morgan's Cloud
05-02-2013, 08:35 AM
Thanks Buiz , this is a good start . I will e-mail him and see what happens !


Morgan's Cloud
05-02-2013, 10:40 AM

I e-mailed Jason and had a response from him within the hour !

The information he supplied was extremely helpful and will determine the direction that we take next with the interior.
He is also able and very willing to supply any engine stuff we should need too.

I can tell that he is most capable and helpful , you were on the money !

Thanks again for the pointer . Just another example of how great these boards can be .


05-02-2013, 10:45 AM
Steve.... check your PM's... :wink: