View Full Version : thoughts on battery location and mounting.

04-03-2013, 05:45 PM
On the King Cobra boats they had a battery in the front of the engine bay just behind the rear seats.

I've take up a lot of that real estate with a heat exchanger. There is still room to mount a battery underneath it. I am thinking of mounting an Optima battery horizontally underneath the heat exchanger. (no optima battery debate I've had good luck with them on a track driven car and the sailboat)

At any rate I need to find a good way to secure it. I've thought about just throughbolting some brackets and using a battery strap to hold it in place and maybe a cleat to keep it from sliding back.

I'm also considering this steel battery box in the photo below. I'd paint it to match the engine/ heat exchanger. It can be through bolted to the battery shelf so it should be very secure.

You can see in the photo below what the backside of the battery box. This would be the bottom and then through bolted to the battery shelf. The nice thing about the Optima is that you can mount it any way you want ...upside down, sideways whatever. I've also attached a photo of the heat exchanger ...battery shelf is underneath it. Thoughts?