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doubleduece donzi
04-02-2013, 07:19 PM
who makes and where can i find the exact same pvc rub rail that came on a 1999 22zx??????

Dr. David Fleming
04-02-2013, 07:58 PM
double duce donzi,

I replaced my rubrail on my 1999 22ZX the insert and the plastic frame are available from West Marine in all the colors they should have a catalogue you can take home. Same stuff Donzi used. ZX rub rails were made by TACO Metals 98 N.E. 179th Street, Miami, FL 33162 tacomarine.com handyhank@tacomarine.com 800-653-8567

Also have in my notes RubRails.com rubrails@ureach.com 877-287-6707 talk to Alan C. Ray

My 22ZX which is white with red Victory Graphic used white frame and white inserts. Now there are a couple of whites to choose from and the sun changes the white so figuring the donzi original color required scraping the plastic with a pocket knife to reveal the plastic color. TACO has Artic White, Frosty White, and Rose White. I came down to the following colors for my 22ZX. The frames are available in 20 foot lengths and made of rigid vinal. The Insert is flexible vinal and is available in 50 foot and 70 foot rolls.

Frame - V22-9602 - Artic White
Insert - V12-0303- Frosty White --- part number V12-0303WHL50-1

I guess my frames were pretty good so I just bought the vinyl insert and used that.

Dr. D