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03-03-2013, 01:35 PM
Here is a sneak peak at what's to come for our 43 ZR that's at Doug Valentine's shop in Sarasota (International Performance).

I'm too hungover at the moment to explain everything we are doing to the boat but will go into full details in a few hours. But check out the polished stainless engine hatch mirror. Water jetted "ZR" logo backlit with red LED lights. Unbelievable. Can't wait to get her back. Maybe the hype our boat brings will help bring Donzi back to life... ok, maybe im still drunk and not yet hungover lol. I can dream, can't I?74804

03-03-2013, 02:33 PM

03-03-2013, 03:49 PM
Normally we do most work on our boats ourselves. We had a short list of things we wanted done that we couldnt do (mostly paint work). We decided to take the boat to Doug Valentine's shop, International Performance. The list started small; fix paint blemishes, rebuild all 3 NXT drives, and replace all water hoses under engines. This list slowly grew into a complete overhaul; complete rebuild on all 3 motors due to bad headers, replace all headers, dual water pumps, stainless marine intercoolers, all new upholstery, 28 speaker JL Audio stereo (4) 12" subs/ (12) 7.7" speakers/ (12) tweeters/ (2) 900/5 amps/ (1) 600/6 amp all JL Audio Marine, 5 Odyssey batteries with custom brackets. (1 for each engine and 2 for stereo), 2 ProNautic battery chargers, engines and drives painted red, diamond plate painted red, customer water flush manifold, (16) 36" red LED strip lights in engine bay and all 4 cup holder cubby areas, cubby areas painted red, Livorsi gauges converted to red face, custom engine hatch air intake, polished stainless mirror with water jetted "ZR" logo backlit in red LED, (2) Red Shadow Caster 10 LED underwater lights, (2) red Shadow Caster 4 LED underwater lights, custom carbon fiber Donzi decals on engine hatch actuators, carbon fiber Mercury Racing decals on valve covers, Garmin 5208 with depth finder added to driver helm to compliment the 740 on port side, Livorsi depth finder, custom LED lit toggle switch panel, new throttle and shift cables, rhino liner in anchor locker and swim platform, (4) 1500 lumen white LED utility lights in engine bay, Livorsi LED navigation lights, and Italian imported leather steering wheel. This has become by far the most custom one of a kind 43 ZR in existence. All the custom rigging was done by Lee McKinnon and Doug Valentine. All 3 motors rebuilt to just under 750hp each by Cobra Power. All fiberglass work and paint done by Raul. Stereo installed by Mad Mark's Stereo. Custom dash panels from Donzi Direct.

Pictures uploaded.