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Greg Guimond
03-02-2013, 10:44 PM
Unclaimed marine Engineshttp://images.craigslist.org/thumb/3Eb3I13M85I95F75M3d13e8913e7710d5187d.jpg (http://images.craigslist.org/3Eb3I13M85I95F75M3d13e8913e7710d5187d.jpg)http://images.craigslist.org/thumb/3Ed3Ie3M95I25E65J4d13dcd873c343891127.jpg (http://images.craigslist.org/3Ed3Ie3M95I25E65J4d13dcd873c343891127.jpg)
2) 5.7 litre Mag 4 bolt main shortblocks, $1250
3) New 4.3 litre longblocks, $2500
1) Brand new 5.7 litre GM Marine 260H/P longblock, $1950
2) Brand New Mercruiser 350 Vortec's, $2550
3) Brand new 7.4 Gen 5 ,385 H/P, $4250
3) 383/425H/P shortblocks, $2150
2) 1991 up 7.4 Gen 5 shortblocks, $1750 w core
1) 502 used w 218hrs, $4250
5) New 6.2 litre Black Scorpion's 400H/P, $3450
Several others
913 991 2382

03-04-2013, 05:50 PM
I'm in the market for a 4.3 for my formula jr and am curious about these "unclaimed motors". I realize they aren't yours but any info on the source would be appreciated (co. name/reputation/reliability, etc) before I call. 913 looks like Kansas area code?
Thanks, ddjk (Dane)

Greg Guimond
03-04-2013, 06:27 PM
Sorry ddjk but I only stumbled onto the ad when my robot was searching for something else. You would have to kick the tires or if you are really lucky perhaps a forum member lives in that location and can eyeball the shop for you. Good luck :smile:

03-05-2013, 09:15 AM
If you google the phone number, this guy has engines and parts for sale all over the US The above ad for engines is from Land of the Ozarks (craiglist I think) The cell phone number is from the Kansas city area


03-05-2013, 12:03 PM
Yes, KC area code, that's where I'm at if I can assist in any way IM me.