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03-01-2013, 11:13 AM
My family has had the pleasure of operating a 1993 Tiara 270Sport Boat for the last 20 years. Theboat needs a lot of work. It has been instorage the last three years and we are concerned as to the boat’s seaworthiness. The boat was surveyed five years ago and wasfound to be solid. The Twin Volvo Penta 570’s with Type C DuoProp are in roughshape. The drives are extremely pittedand both drives and trim are leaking oil. The 5.7 liter engines ran very well. 4 years ago we rebuilt the carbs and flushed the fuel system includingthe fuel tanks.
I am looking for options.
I have priced new volvo parts (drive $15K/drive, trim $1,600 in cylinders)
Can we replace the outdrives and trim systems with Mercruiserdrives. What would this entail.
Transom Shield, Drive, engine rework, linkage, electrical, controls, ect
I have several boat repair shops in our area I just want tohave a real scope of work and options.


03-01-2013, 11:50 AM
I'm a huge fan of Tiaras, great boats. I am hazarding a guess, but I would bet that Merc Bravo 1 bellhousing/transom assy/drives would be less than the Volvo setup. Certainly less than $15k per side in parts. As you mentioned, there are a lot of ancillary systems that might need to be swapped or modified which would add to the cost. I'm thinking stuff like exhaust, shift cables, etc. Since it's an older boat that stuff might be due for replacement anyway so a wash either way.

I don't think there is a silver bullet solution to completely refit your boat that makes financial sense. The most cost-effective thing to do would be to find another Tiara (or whatever) that has already been refreshed. Good boats at firesale prices are still floating around out there, maybe not as many as a couple of years ago but definitely available if you look hard enough. Since we're knucklehead boaters and this hobby doesn't make financial sense anyway, it might be worth it to you to give a second life to your family boat. Knowing the history of the boat and emotional attachment have a value, just need to figure out what that is to you.

There are smart guys on here that can give better technical answers on the ins and outs of swapping Volvo to Merc, that isn't exactly unheard of in the Donzi community. Good luck.

03-02-2013, 12:00 PM
you prob will need to reglass and cut the transom for merc stuff, some of the volvo stuff may just fit. 15k per drive soudns insnade i'vd bought dp'sx drives for $6700 dealer cost retail is usual about $8k