View Full Version : '86 Windshield - Strom Products ?

02-01-2013, 02:59 PM
I pulled the plexiglass windshield (with eyebrows) off of my '86 22c. It was really scratched and 1 side was cracking.

It seems someone pulled this one off and replaced the port side piece. Then glued it all back together (I had to drill all
of the screws out of the aluminum brackets) and then they tried to force fit it to the boat. It was about 3/8" to narrow.
So the person used 5200 (didn't stick to the plexi very well :smile:) and screws with washers (no rubber grommets)
to mount it tight. :doh:The starboard piece has several vertical cracks and the port side is almost close in size, shape, and angle.

So the starboard side appear original and has hand written;

Strom Products 10 - 2 - 87 (almost a yr after the hull #)
Donzi 243 STB #165 (then has MK with fancy ~ through it)

Did these folks do the windshields of the day ? They don't seem to be around anymore.