View Full Version : Looking for this VDO Tach

guy with the red donzi
01-28-2013, 07:25 PM
I am looking for a good tach like the one I have now. Any help would be great. Thanks

guy with the red donzi
01-28-2013, 09:30 PM
It has a chrome bezel.

John C in PA
01-29-2013, 12:14 AM
Guy, maybe I can help. Can you provide the following: diameter of hole in dash, boat make and year, is it 12 volt? black dial? Do you want new or used? How much will you pay for the right tach?

Also, send a PM to fogducker and ask if he has any left over from last years sale that may fit the bill.

Good luck, John C in PA

02-13-2013, 01:13 PM
I have a good working one, but it is a little faded. I replaced it with a new VDO with redline indicator. The one I have is the same as yours. Bill