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01-03-2013, 07:50 AM
I have 2 525 EFI's for sale and thought I would offer them up to the Donzi crowd before listing them on the other sites. Both have 141 hrs from new but both have been rebuilt.

The first 1 was rebuilt at about 136 hrs so it has about 5 hours run time on it. This engine comes with Stellings headers that have only about the same hours on them. We do not have the build sheet on this engine but are trying to find the builder. This engine with the Stellings headers is listed at $22,000.00 (receipt for headers $8,000).

The second engine was completely rebuild at 137 hrs by Dollar Marine from top to bottom with everything new (have receipts) so it has 4 hours on it. It has its original CMI headers that have been repaired and do not leak at this time. This engine is listed at $19,000.00.

I scanned both engines for codes and hours and all checked out with no codes. I also did a bleed down test on both engines and the both pasted with flying colors (a first for 525's I have tested). 7425274253742547425574252742537425474255I went down to Florida 2 weeks ago and water tested the boat they came out of with my cusomer. He bought the boat and we are re-powering that is the reason for the sale.