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John C in PA
08-07-2012, 02:07 PM
Matty, you seem to be a Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK). Is there a "key" to the number/letter code OMC used for the Cobra Drives? For instance my rig is a 302APRAMH. And I know there are a bunch more codes. I have a 602 page factory manual which I will gladly donate to your efforts but would like to know what year(s) it covers.

John C

08-07-2012, 05:04 PM
John sure if you'd like to donate the manual that would be great I'll pm you

to your question


302 engine size in ci for king cobra on other model omc drives it might be listed as 502 the 50 would be size in litres and the 2 for 2 bbl carb 4 would be 4bbl

a = first revision of engine released b would be second

p = power steering m would be manual

r= prop rotation r is right l is left

amh is their code for model year 1992 amk is the other one used for 1992

hope that helps