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John B
07-31-2012, 10:49 AM
We just picked up our first Donzi a few weeks ago and are having a blast with it!!
It's a '90 22 Classic w/ OMC King Cobra 454 (cone clutch). The boat is actually in very nice shape, it has about 30 hrs on it since an overall deck off restoration plus rebuild on the 454. The gelcoat is flawless. It will do 68 mph @ 5,200 rpm with a 23" prop, one on board, half tank of fuel. The speedo is accurate to iPhone GPS. I understand the King Cobra drive is good for about 600 HP - lbs/ ft and am considering swapping in a 540 - 572 ci "600-ish" hp pump gas engine as a winter project. I figure that might get it up to 80 mph @ 5,600 rpm with a 26" prop. Does that sound about right? Will it be ok w/o hydraulic steering??

Here is short video of a test with my son after sorting some ethanol issues. Yep, It works!!

08-03-2012, 12:26 PM
Hey, Welcome to the Donzi site.

I'm a newbie here but have a similar boat -93 with a King Cobra. I've been learning the boat for about 6 months doing a bit of a refit on it. Everything I've read or learned says yes to your question about the King Cobra but be advised some parts are becoming obsolete. -probably a work around on most of it though. Additionally at least where I live there most mechanics just want to be mercruiser parts swappers and aren't too interested in wrenching on the OMC drive.

Be careful not to smoke your impeller... but if you do I may have a couple to sell you and the were not cheap when I purchased them. Either that or you can go to an auxillary water pump like a mercruiser seapump or crank mounted Johnson pump. -King Cobra Impellers are hard to find.

Enjoy the boat the video is great.