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06-25-2012, 10:14 PM
I bought my 2006 Shelby used awhile back. The boat came from the factory with a huge audio system. 4 speakers (Quartz)+ Sub + huge amp + and what appears to be a capacitor 12V going leading into the amp. The previous owner by-passed it all and just has two speakers wired directly to the head unit. Decent sound but I'm wondering if this is worthwhile to hook back up or is there an issue with it draining the batteries or just too much sound in the small boat. Any opinions out there? I've powered up the units and they all seem to fire up. I just haven't run speaker wire back to all the speakers.

06-25-2012, 10:41 PM
I have a monster stereo in my boat and run two batteries just in case. Four 4.5" Rockford Fosgates and 4x Infinity 6.75" two-ways on one amp and a 12" Infinity sub w/ integrated amp. Haven't killed a battery yet but I try to run off #2 (deep cycle) when we are anchored up with the tunes. The alternator keeps up pretty well while running. Did 110 miles round trip last Friday (Gorge run!) with the tunes CRANKED and battery was at 12.4V when we shut down for the day.

The stereo is kind of like horsepower and handguns - I would rather have it and not need it. Since you already have the components I would hook that sucker up and monitor your electrical draw. Any idea why the PO disconnected everything?

06-26-2012, 10:27 AM
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Funny thing. When I took possession of the boat I noticed that I had no power on the 2nd battery. I tested the battery which was fine so I worked my way back to the switch. The battery switch was not configured correctly from the factory. The battery not "on line" was the same battery wired directly to the capacitor and amp. My theory is that the PO kept drawing down that battery and could not figure out why it was not being charged by the alternator. Got frustrated and just unhooked it. Simple fix.