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06-11-2012, 11:20 AM
Is a Donzi BlackWidow a good investment. Looking to purchase one and was wondering if they a holding value or dropping like everything else. I know they are older, but I am looking to get a decent boat that I can enjoy, and if need to sell it, will be able to sell at a price that will not have the bottom fall out of it.

I really like the 30' Boat, but with two engines am I asking for double headaches?

I have never owned a Donzi, so this is a new boat line for me. Only other boat I have ever owned was a Cobalt, and it was tough and served me well.

06-11-2012, 11:48 AM
What's the old saying? "If you have to ask..."

I wouldn't put much money into any boat if you seriously fear the consequences of having the resale market dip badly. The boat market is capable of dipping about as low as anything on Earth. It's dipped a lot, but can go plenty further.

With a used boat, the best assurance you'd have of not losing your shirt on resale is getting a very good price relative to today's market, so long as you KNOW the hull and drivetrain are sound. Within the confines of respected makers, this is far more important than the specific model of the boat. If you buy anything as big as a 30 especially, I'd pay for a survey and make ALL money, including deposit, ENTIRELY contingent upon survey.

Aside from that, twins are expensive. And gas for twins is expensive. And anything as big as a 30 is certainly a lot more expensive than something down near 20. To a point, when the economy dips, you can actually see a shift where twin engine boats are de-valued and singles sometimes become more valuable (or at least more valuable RELATIVE to twins.)

If you're this worried about resale, I'd be inclined to focus more on single engine boats, unless you're absolutely certain the boat is well sorted and you're getting a STEAL of a deal.

06-11-2012, 12:09 PM
Thanks for the quick reply, I was just asking due to the fact, that you can find almost any other model for sale, but the widows seem to be scarce. I am fairly confident the boat is sound and its seems to be a good investment, just trying to see if they are considered taboo, due to the fact they were built around the time of Mercruiser and OMC transfers...

The lines of those boats is absolutely sexy, so as far as looks they look timeless. The twins are really to be considered. Fuel, and potential double trouble. Again thanks for the quick response.

If anyone here has owned one, like to know your comments on how they ride and take rough water. My plans would be in fairly large lakes. This would also be a family boat, with possible overnight stays on the weekends.

06-11-2012, 01:12 PM
They are sexy, I agree. A couple folks here have them now, and a few others have owned them in the past. With any luck they'll chime in on a few fronts. Also, if you search for the word "widow" I bet you can find some past discussion. Best of luck with your eval.