View Full Version : Cutting metal dash

06-05-2012, 08:47 AM
What is the suggestion for cutting a large round hole in the dash panel of a 28zx? I got a new sony remote to replace the old CPS remote and it requires a hole to be cut... but the panel is metal. Can I just use a big hole saw? I don't think I have ever used a hole saw on metal before...

06-05-2012, 04:30 PM
Using a regular hole saw blade on thin metal is frightening! As the saw pierces the metal they catch and usually tear things up pretty bad. Carbide faces hole saws will work with a bit of care, it must be the smooth faced type like the forth one pictured in the like below. Even with that type you must go slow and careful. On a few applications where I had room I glued a block of wood to the back side that works well. The other option is to mark out your hole then drill a series of holes with a small bit just inside the line, then clean it up with a barrel sanding bit in a fairly high speed drill. Again take your time and be careful.


06-06-2012, 01:23 PM
Thanks guys. Fixx... never thought about running backwards, seems easy enough.