View Full Version : Flo-Torq IV Merc Hub?

04-29-2012, 11:37 PM
My backyard neighbor just installed a new Mercury Quicksilver alumium prop on his 40 hp Merc Tracker Pontoon boat's outboard.
The prop came with a new style Flo-Torq hub kit.
Installed it now has a fore to aft splined shaft end play of about 1/8" ; and with the motor in gear it can now rotate about 12* side-to-side.
He removed the new prop and pounded in the hub and splined dicast washer in the pop & he has now cracked this special hub mounting washer with it's built-in french locks.
He is using a new nylock prop nut which came with the new hub kit.

Should a Flo-Torq hub on a Mercury 40 hp prop. have 1/8"splined shaft end play & 12* side-to-side rotational play ?
You can now wobble the prop on the shaft splines quite a bit also.
Is this normal ?

The old dinged-up OEM prop had NO end play & no side spline play at all.
It fit very solid indeed compared to this new style Flo-Torq hub.
Is this something new with the Torq-Flow replacable hubs ?

All this Torq-Flo hub & prop end-play, and side-to-side slack, seems very excessive to us.

I am NOT an outboard guy~~~and have NEVER owned an outboard in my life .
Also NOT a pontoon boat guy.