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04-24-2012, 12:21 PM
Turbo kit for 120 and 140 HP Mercruiser.

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04-24-2012, 07:02 PM
1996 22 Classic
Red with Stainless Windshield
Stock Gen VI 502 Magnum MPI-415hp
Stock Bravo I
25" Mirage Plus
74.5mph best @ 5050rpm GPS (Speedo said 80)
27" Labbed Mirage Plus
75.5mph best @ 4800rpm GPS (Speedo said 82)


04-25-2012, 02:47 PM
What do they add(hp) and what do they take away($).

04-25-2012, 06:32 PM
These kits are about 15 years old. One was in the sealed box and the other (pictured) was taken out for the photo shoot. I got lucky, my friend Cadillac sent me a Craigslist add. They were $1000.00 each. Not much if you need them (which I do). I will add more detailed pictures soon.
The guy I got them from said he was holding on to them in hopes of someday getting a 4 cylinder Donzi. Glad he didn't know much about computers.

04-25-2012, 09:18 PM
The kits are probably more than 15 years old. M&W Gear Company is/was located in Gibson City, IL. The marine turbo kits were offered in the early to mid 80's and possibly even earlier. I spoke with the engineer there back in 1988 about those kits. They were a pretty good low boost (4-5 psi) kit designed for stock engines requiring no internal modification. The result was a respectable performance gain of 8 -10 MPH on V8 engine around 350 cu. in. I don't remember the performance increase on the 4 cylinder setups.

04-26-2012, 01:32 PM
That you for the info. To add, from what I found may go back as far as 1974. The guy I got these from said there were a distributor for M&W and that they were saving them for a project that they didn't even have yet. He said the turbo chargers would fit and Mercruiser but that the rest of the kits are only for the 4 cylinder versions, which is what I have.
These would have cool on a twin Bertram IO with twin 160 HP 4 cylinder engines.. One will be good for me. I have 120 HP. May go to 130 or 140??
Thanks again.

04-26-2012, 05:19 PM
I know someone who was running one of the M&W turbo setups on a 350 SBC Merc Alpha in a 20" Cigarette 25+ years ago. The V8 kits were dual turbo setups and used the original Merc exhaust mainfolds. I don't know the exact speed of the Cig, but it was very fast. It was faster than all but a few boats on our lake. In fact this boat was dialed in by Bam Marine when they were located at Marina City in Chicago.

04-30-2012, 07:17 PM
Here is an article written in 1974 about the M&W turbo chargers tested on a 165HP Mercruiser. Interesting.

04-30-2012, 08:13 PM
----Very cool, Bert!!!........Bill S