View Full Version : Smartcraft help / info

04-11-2012, 08:58 AM
I have a twin Merc setup
I have a Northstar GPS/Plotter(smartcraft capable, and I have the box for the plotter to wire the two together)

The issue is the box, which is for a twin engine setup, has one smartcraft connector. I have read in the past that the engines are labeled as starboard / port... If I get a smartcraft junction box and plug each engine into it... then plug the plotter into the junction box is that all that is needed?

I can't find any info on how to set this up properly and I don't know if the junction box is just designed as a one input / multiple outputs or if it is made as a full on input/output setup and can handle single / twin because of the engines being 'labeled' as port/starboard.