View Full Version : SBC build questions

04-07-2012, 09:56 AM
Building a 383 type SBC for my project, I have a few questions.
Former drag racer, but I understand marine dynamics are totally different.

Have so far:
Scat / Mahle kit w/ 6" Rods, Medium D shaped dish ~ 9.8 compression
AFR 195 heads Iconel, hard anodizing being built
Thunderbolt IV set up and also a marinized HEI ignition

Comp Marine Extreme retrofit roller
RPM Air Gap
750 Holley
Stainless Marine Exhaust

Questions / Real World Experiences
Vacuum or Mechanical Secondaries (I also have a Marine Q Jet but have tons of Holley Jets / Squirters / Familiarity)
RPM or Standard Performer - Engine size v. operating range while using Volvo 280
Risers - Short type or long - do I need to worry about reversion with either 224/230 or 218/224 both @ 112?
Advancing cam to produce a little more torque / shift RPM range down

Going in a 21GT so a bit heavier than an early classic.

Coming soon.... prop advice!

Thanks for any input,