View Full Version : 2 BBC 512 Whipple SC engines FS

04-05-2012, 09:35 PM
I know this thread / post does not belong on "Performance Talk" . . . but as this is a very short opportunity and the most read portion of the site . . .

These engines are 496HO mercury motors originally. They have been upgraded to Whipple blower motors, 2.3 lt whipple supercharger, coopernickle intercooler, JE pistons .030 over, Oliver billet rods, forged crank , custom cam, ported and polished heads, bronze valve guides, crane roller rockers, hydraulic roller lifters, upgraded oiling system, Barnes external oil pump, Thermostatically controlled oil cooler, MEFI 4B computers with programable software , closed fresh water cooling, dynoed at 625hp 720tq @ 5.5lbs boost 700hp 800tq @ 8lbs boost about 65hrs on engines. These engines are turnkey . . install and go!

I am not the owner of these engines, merely trying to move them out for the owner who has sold the building they are stored in. If he moves them himself prices will go up . . in other words, he wants them gone, NOW.

Buy both right now for $30K, or $15k Each.

I have pics taken with a cell phone and can send those to a seriously interested party.
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