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03-26-2012, 12:14 AM
A guy near where I store my boat uses a shipping cover over the cockpit cover on his Outlaw. Seems to work pretty well for him. Anybody know where I can find one for my 22ZX?

I'm looking for an alternative to having a cover made. I definetley want to have a custom cover made but really can't afford a full Sunbrella cover right now. I have a Taylor made "semi custom" cover but the fit is only ok and it really doesn't seem to waterproof. Water and dirt seem to go right through it.

I was looking at this cover for a Baja Outlaw 245 as an alternative if I cant find one for Donzi:


Seems like it could fit well enough and would be good protection during winter storage.

03-26-2012, 07:07 AM
Looks to be dozens of covers on Ebay for the donzi boats. Don't know about quality but worth a look.

03-26-2012, 12:53 PM
The original Donzi shipping covers, shrink wrap outter w/felt liner inside, were made by Trans Shield (http://www.transhield-usa.com/). I still use my original cover to cover my boat in the garage and have a second one to cover the boat for long distance trips. If you're interested I'd check with Donzi Direct to see if they can get them. There should have been a Transshield part # back when they were making the 22ZX. I think mine was a couple hundred from Donzi back in 2006.

The cover you listed appears to be a Transshield cover.

03-26-2012, 01:58 PM
My 96 18C came with a factory transport cover. It was a heavy vinyl with a felt liner and had a draw string on it. It fit like a glove. I only used it on long road trips. I have never seen another on a donzi. To have one like that made would most likely cost around $600. For a 22, probably closer to $800.

On the other hand, if you are just looking for a cover to trailer with, that is affordable, you will have to go with an aftermarket, pre-designed cover. The fit will not be as good but you really don't have too many choices. If I remember correctly, West Marine had a selection for many different styles of boats. You may want to check them out and send a few emails. They may have a pattern for your boat.


03-26-2012, 03:29 PM
I've tried the "off the shelf" covers and they don't cut it. Currently i have a Taylor Made cover that is supposed to be made specifically for the 22ZX. The fit is ok but the material leaks and became soaked from day one. Before that I had a Carver cover that i liked better for fit and protection until it began to fall apart.

What I'm really looking for is protection from water and I cant afford a Sunbrella cover right now. My plan is to use my current cover or cockpit cover with the shipping cover over it.