View Full Version : Wanted: SUPERCHARGED SeaDoo PWC

02-28-2012, 03:45 PM
Supercharged SeaDoo PWC with low hours in good running shape.

A year ago my neighbors Supercharged SeaDoo injested a piece of the ceramic clutch washer pack and slightly damaged one piston.
These Supercharged units have been known for this ceramic clutch washer pack cracking and resulting engine clutch washer injestion issue.
It's a well known weak-link problem with these supercharged SeaDoo units.

I replaced this damaged piston & all rings after a slight hone job and aded a new fail-proof aftermarket titanium supercharger clutch washer pack, new style shaft & bearings.
I also added a deacceleration supercharger pressure relief pop-off valve assembly which did not come stock on this PWC.

On the test drive after my supercharger clutch repairs this great Supercharged PWC blew me away with it's unbelievable fantastic acceleration.

As Will Smith once said in the movie~
"I gotta get me one of these !"
Any leads toward finding myself a good low hour used Supercharged SeaDoo PWC for this upcomming Summer greatly appreciated .