View Full Version : 1956 Century Resorter 17

02-08-2012, 05:29 PM
Here's another Century that is sitting around collecting dust. I bought this one probably 7 years ago or so. It is a good sound boat and I bought it with the intent of restoring it. ...never got to it still might but if anyone has an interest in it P.M. me.

It is of course mahogany. It has a gray marine 6 cyl. -no idea of condition of the engine. The boat has no rot that I've been able to find. It has a couple boards in the deck that should be replaced ...cracks. It is a wood boat and has been out of the water a long time so it will need work. It is remarkably original and all there. It sits on what I believe is probably it's original trailer so that is kind of cool too. ...good shape.

I've got the boat in a warehouse in Ft. Worth Texas. If anyone is interested P.M. me and we can talk.