View Full Version : Never seen this hull design

Greg Guimond
12-17-2011, 09:15 AM
Pretty unique hull bottom .........

12-17-2011, 09:30 AM
I've heard that type of hull called a "cathedral" hull. I have no idea how well they work.

Greg Guimond
12-17-2011, 10:05 AM
Looks like you get a deep V at slower speeds and then trap air at higher speeds

Carl C
12-17-2011, 10:18 AM
Kind of a variation of a mod vp.

12-17-2011, 11:27 AM
Interesting. Do you have a bow shot too?

Morgan's Cloud
12-17-2011, 12:17 PM
'Cathedral hull ' ? ? Does that even barely resemble the stern of, say, a 13' Boston Whaler ?

And there's many cathedral hulls that at the stern could pass for a very shallow Deep V .. but that thing is waay out there ... Yes , a bow shot would be useful .

Greg Guimond
12-17-2011, 02:11 PM

Morgan's Cloud
12-17-2011, 02:38 PM
Now that's a hybrid .

Carl C
12-17-2011, 03:21 PM
Yup, looks like a mod VP on a big scale....

12-17-2011, 03:55 PM
Thanks for the second pic. Now that IS interesting.


12-17-2011, 06:06 PM
Boat could be a Kachina, (if memory serves me correctly). I remember researching one like that. Hull design seemed slow compared to similiarly powered V's and Cats.

Carl C
12-17-2011, 07:17 PM
It would have to have enough power to go fast enough to trap air and gain lift. It looks an awful lot like my old Hydrostream Vegas XT but a whole lot bigger! If underpowered it is nothing more than a tri-hull.

Greg Guimond
12-18-2011, 01:14 PM
It is a 2005 Hallett and has a 525EFI in it currently.

smidgen too
12-18-2011, 04:25 PM
THIS TYPE OF HULL WAS BIG BACK IN THE EARLY 80'S WHEN THE SHADOW CAT HIT THE MARKET. They may have been faster than a Vee hull but never caught on.

12-19-2011, 01:10 PM
Virage Also built one very similar. If I recall they built it around the same time. If you could get the hull to pack enough air it would dangle.

12-19-2011, 02:21 PM
Glastron or ??? made something like that in the mid-late 80's. It was 19 or 20' and would do 60 with just a 150. It was pretty cool looking(Carlson design and hence why I am thinking Glastron) with a 175hp max but interior looked pretty tight. I NEVER saw one outside of the NYC boat show. It looked more like the white boat in Smidgen's post.

12-19-2011, 03:28 PM
Biggie, your avatar is cracking me up. I keep seing it and thinking:


Greg Guimond
12-19-2011, 07:13 PM
You are correct on Art Carlson. The boat is actually called the Hallett 260 AC. Hallett's hulls have a great reputation for being quick. I guess the 525 helps "pack the air" :lightning

12-21-2011, 12:23 AM
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12-21-2011, 01:35 AM
Can anyone download a PDF picture? I can't figure out why when I scan an ad, it goes to PDF instead of JPEG which we can download. Let me know as I have the magazine advertisement scanned but PDF. This is Boating September 1983 by the way.

joseph m. hahnl
12-24-2011, 08:39 AM
It is actually a Starcraft CPS-20 by Art Carlson

Similar concept but not the same:boggled:

link to one on scream and fly http://www.screamandfly.com/showthread.php?40434-1985-Cps-20-Starcraft

Sweet Cheekz
12-24-2011, 09:43 AM
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