View Full Version : Hydraulic Steering Questions, Alpha

10-05-2011, 07:53 PM

I'm in the market for a dual ram external steering setup for my C18 and have a couple of questions perhaps someone can answer. It's a 1998 Merc, small block with power steering and an alpha. Because I really don't have steering or porpoising issues but am just looking to brace the drive I'm thinking an add-on system. Besides the idea of running 4 hoses to the helm sounds like a PITA. Anyway.... With an add-on system do you get torque feedback to the wheel? Does the wheel become annoyingly stiff? (I know, subjective). Does the lock to lock number of turns change? Finally, the kit places the ram mounts close enough to the drive that they'll be on the thick portion of the transom. Do I still need to reinforce or use a backing plate? It's a low 80's mph boat. CP quoted me a Zeiger system which I like because the external hoses pass through the mounting block but there's not much info out there. If any dealers on the site want to quote or make a pitch, feel free.