View Full Version : 1981 Schiada 20SS OB rigged, serviced by Al Stoker

10-01-2011, 03:13 AM
My ex. and currently My Brother's boat. Located in Needles, CA.

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12-12-2011, 08:35 PM

Family is ready for a large boat,

so offers are welcome. $20K o.b.o.

She's a lot of boat for the money!

Turn key in fantastic condition, with

uncountable recent upgrades. Tens of

thousand$ $pent :yes:

Greg Guimond
12-13-2011, 07:41 AM
Man that is a nice ride Lars. Schiada build quality is second to none and Al Stoker is perhaps the best factory Evinrude tech in the country. He has helped me on several occasions, very nice guy to boot. Good luck :incredible:

12-13-2011, 02:48 PM
So your brother got your wife and the boat...that's cold! :wink:

12-22-2011, 06:21 AM
Well sorry about my SwEnglish guys. What I meant was that this was originally my boat and when I bought

a Stoker 20.4 SST through Al Stoker and a Flying Flipper 30 in England for my country house in Sweden,

it then made sense to let my brother buy my Schiada. Well no money has come my way for the Schiada

and I kept upgrading her, (can't help it), so now I felt like my brother have had enough time and then I

found out that he truly desires to get a large boat instead, so now I'll let her loose. My wife on the other hand

is still mine as far as I know and she has finally recovered from a severe back injury a few years back, so

now she's fit for fight to go for +90 mph runs in the Stoker :thumbsup:

Greg Guimond
12-22-2011, 07:37 AM
Lars, Is the Flying Flipper the red boat? What is the background on that hull? I also must say you are very nice to "loan" your bro a superb Schiada! Good Luck with the sale.

01-22-2012, 10:37 AM
Dear Greg,

sorry it took some time to get back to You and thanks for Your 'Good Luck" wish. The Flying Flipper was hydrodynamicly designed by late Honorable Dr. Sigurd Isacson and general design was by famous Swedish naval architect Håkan Södergren, (250 boat designs to his name and counting). Late Dr. Sigurd Isacson's popular designs led to that Flipper Boats have sold more than 40,000 boats from 1966 to date. However the Flying Flipper was produced from 1984-1990 and a handful more the last ten years, (one for tennis star Bjorn Borg), and only about 70-80 boats have been built in total so far.

In 1984 a Flying Flipper won it's class in the notorious Round Britain Race and the boat model had great success in Britain during a ten year period and they were considered very hard to beat during the endurance offshore races when the sea was unkind. The variable deadrise with 28 degrees at the transom and a very sharp entry made it very seaworthy in rough conditions. In addition it had an unusual step that allowed it to accelerate very quickly on plane, but also made it a little flighty when the horsepower from the V8 OMC outboards became available and the hull ran out of wet surface area around 65 knots.

My boat was ordered by famous offshore racer late John Baker from Britain in 1988 with twin OMC V8's. Mike Lloyd the organizer/director for the Round Britain 2008 was friends with John Baker and crewed back in 1988. John had at that time an earlier Flying Flipper with twin Yamaha 225's and loved the model. For the 1989 season he also ordered a Cougar 38 with Sabre diesels, but had problems with the engines and afterwords said he wished he just had stuck with the Flying Flippers. John Baker won many races with the Flippers and legend late Alan 'Webby' Webb also raced Flying Flipper and won the following 10 years several British National Championships with his Flying Flippers.

A Norwegian Flying Flipper also entered the extremely tough race Skagerak Across a couple of years back and the North Sea was so rough that boats 15 feet longer was not able to keep up with the 25 year old Flying Flipper, which only had twin Mercury 250 Optimax engines. The only boat that kept ahead of the Flipper was the 44' MTI 'Speedracer' and just before the finish line The Ugland Groups' 45' multi million dollar composite mono hull, with 2,500 hp plus, was able to pass the Flying Flipper and take second. The Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish Coast Guard and Police have used Flying Flippers and several are still in use after more than 20 years in service. For a few videos and more photos see my links and I once again thank late Dr. Sigurd Isacson for his impressive contribution to aviation and naval design. He left us fans the autumn that was, at the admirable age of 91. Note photos of Sigurd Isacson and Flying Flipper owners, late John Baker and Swedish tennis ace Bjorn Borg.

Link to VIDEOS; http://www.myspace.com/lasse_lindroth/videos

Photo links; http://www.myspace.com/lasse_lindroth/photos/albums/my-photos/106368#mssrc=SitesPhotos_SP_AlbumTitle_ViewAlbum