View Full Version : Cabin step drain Ragazza

09-27-2011, 12:41 PM
Hey all, Just picked up my first Cuddy, a 23' Ragazza. I will be replacing the floor, but I need to know in the meantime how the step drains (going from the upper deck to the lower cabin) there is a hole there, I have tried to snake it but my snake just stops. The bilge pump doesn't seem to control it and I do not see any separate hull drains for it.


11-21-2011, 06:43 PM
On my 25' there is a pvc pipe i think it was 1" diameter that runs from the front at the under the steps in the cabin and drains into the engine bay for the rear bilge to pump out...poor design...I had to cut the bottom from my cooler/fish box to replace this pipe to get the water out of the front of the boat, this pipe goes under the fuel tank as well, had to chew out foam under tank this is where my anchor locker drains to as well, right to the bottom of the steps...if you have the pipe, this is a big PITA to fix but it has to be fixed to stop any rot up front and under the seats, if you can pull your seat bases and you will see the water sitting under there.

I'm not on here on a regular basis but i will try to check back as soon as i can, working overseas for an oil/gas company keeps me busy, any questions i can answer i will, hope this post helps