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toby steinman
09-26-2011, 09:41 PM
Hi everyone!

Long story short.... When I was growing up my uncle used to race a donzi out at west palm beach. Since the first time I saw his boat, I wanted one ( I was 7). I dont have a lot of money, but do a good job at staying "Middle Class". I live in colorado, and having a large racing boat is not all that practical. I did however run into a 1989 Donzi Raggazza 21 that I just had to have. My own little piece of the pie. I know its not much, but it is mine and its still a Donzi! I love it and am now trying to get the boat ready for next spring. The boat needs some repair on the floor and interior since it was sitting uncovered for the past 3 years and minimal fine tuning of the engine (5.7) with a cobra outdrive.

I do have some concerns about about how the boat shifts from forward to reverse. You can hear the gears spinning and grinding together and then it slams itself into gear. I'm pretty sure this is not normal! Has anyone else ran into this or can give me any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks For reading and am looking forward to being part of the Donzi family!


09-26-2011, 09:58 PM
Welcome. I don't have details, but it sounds like the shift interupter switch needs adjustment. Under the hatch, you will see where the throttle and gear shift mount near or on the starboard riser. The interupter switch is there. For adjustment you really need a manual. Clymers or Sealoc. Available at West Marine or maybe a Books A Million. Or Amazon.

toby steinman
09-26-2011, 10:09 PM
I will have to take a look at it after work tomorrow. I do have a manual, but didnt know what to call it. Thanks again! My last boat was a 18' seaswirl cuddy with a omc 3.0 with a stringer outdrive.... What a nightmare with that stringer! I'm hoping this one is a more reliable stystem.:crossfing:

09-27-2011, 11:46 AM
Yeah either an adjustment, bad cable, or the interupter switch. When the shift cable goes bad it will stall the engine going into gear. People then pull the wire on the switch so they can get home, could be your scenerio. When the cable gets stiff it does not "spring back" as it should and stalls the engine because the switch is left open too long. The switch is only supposed to blip the engine off so your gears will mess in that split second or 2. It is a trip driving w/o the switch. A bad cable might not even feel stiff but it is getting there.

toby steinman
09-28-2011, 05:50 PM
It doesnt seam to be the shift interupter... seams as if that would have been the easiest fix. Looks like it might be the throttle cable. it does feel very stiff and it does stall!... Folllowing the manual, the shift interupter is doing what it is suppossed to do. Thanks for all of your help! I am really enjoying this web site and looking forward to meeting more people in Colorado that have a Donzi.

09-28-2011, 06:18 PM
keep in mind that their are 2 shift int erupt switches,when you replace the cable you will need a qualified omc tech adjust the switches properly or you will have problems pulling the shifter out of gear..when putting it in gear out of the water the drive will sound like the gears are going to blow out the side of the lower unit if you don't shift it into gear fast enough,a long grinding sound followed with a bang,,when its in the water the water will muffle the sound..if your fixing the floor make sure you have the stringers and transom checked,their may be some more unseen damage to the stringers and transom..good luck and welcome aboard;)