View Full Version : First time out on my new (to me) 28ZX Scorpion!

09-01-2011, 08:36 AM
And man am I glad I had two motors... :boggled:

So I just purchased a 2000 28ZX Scorpion from a local guy. This is my first boat, although I've been 'boating' since I was a kid (parents and friends boats)... I live about 1 minute from the Potomac River (northern Virginia) and consequently about 3-4 marinas. This past Monday was my maiden voyage after closing on her the week prior.

I made it about 7-8 miles away from the marina when I noticed that my temp gauges were reading a pretty big difference. I throttled down and raised the engine hatch to find water POURING out of the front of the engine! I probably 'cussed' and killed both engines right away... After a closer look, I saw that I had burst a hose in the cooling system.

So we started the slightly longer trek home with only one engine @ just over idle...

Now I'm looking everywhere trying to find this hose (p/n: 32-842412A02) in stock before the weekend... Mercury has the part on back-order. Anyone got any ideas? :)

In any case, I'm super psyched to get her back in the water, and hopefully running strong for more than 5-10 minutes! :cool:

- Justin

09-02-2011, 07:58 PM
go to your local auto parts store and have them match it up...or go to the local marina or marinas ,,their is a tom of used stuff out their,hell i even have a few lol

09-05-2011, 02:43 PM
Congratulations on your purchase!!!! I have had good luck going to my local NAPA store to get marine stuff. possibly try there.