View Full Version : Saginaw Shuttle Valve Fitting Sizes ?

08-26-2011, 03:03 PM
Anyone know the sizes of the fittings on a Saginaw shuttle valve? For the lines that go to the steering pump.
My return line split at the valve fitting and new ones are $100+ ! I think the fittings sold by CP and others are for
the pressure side.

Also are there rebuild kits for the Saginaw valve ?

08-28-2011, 10:08 PM
I was able to very carefully cut the brass sleeve that was crimped (or should that be swaged) on the hose/fitting.
It is just a 3/8" hose and fitting. Looks like I can just clamp or double clamp a new hose on for chump change !!
$108 my arse, now that's profit !!!!!!!!!!!!

While I had all apart I removed the pressure valve in the pump. It was full of crud !! Inside of the valve there is
a little BB and spring with a real fine filter screen. The screen was clogged. The fluid is very dirty with only a few hrs running.

So tomorrow I am going to buy a gallon a cheapo fluid, take the whole system apart (ext. dual rams) and flush the
whole thing. Hose by hose, cylinder by cylinder.

This really pisses me off as I paid a shop to convert to ext steering !!! (I know they will be reading this !!!!!!!!!!!!!)

If you want it done right do it yourself !