View Full Version : B1 shift cable adjustment

08-26-2011, 03:15 AM
I replaced my shift cable earlier this season and have been hoping I've adjusted it correctly since. I've got the little plastic tool and I think I've adjusted it correctly but I've had some issues. The other day it stuck in Forward. I removed the drive and the cable end came out of the "clamshell" holder. I reconnected the cable end and put the drive back on. Went out for a bit and did not happen again. Also it seems to shift hard. When on the trailer running on the hose it makes a loud clunk and knock going into both forward and reverse. Theres only a faint noise when in the water but it still feels harsh. Every once in a while it will skip going into reverse, almost like it's skipping a gear tooth or something.

The other day I was at my marina talking to a mechanic and asked him about adjustment. He said you HAVE to use the locator shift cable tools like the ones shown below or it won't work.
67626 (http://www.offshoremarineparts.com/18-9810/prod_2212.html)

That doesnt make sense to me. The cable is a specific length. If I adjust one end with the correct Merc tool it should be the correct length on the other end as well. Am I missing something? Or maybe I have some internal probelms that I'm chasing.