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07-12-2011, 12:30 PM
Ok My 16 classic is having some minor issues I am looking for thoughts on.
I was just wondering what I should be getting speed wise from my 1996 16 classic 5.7 L- 2 barreled Carbed 350 alpha 1.5 ratio set up, and what every one else's performance and handling is and what props you all are running ??
1.) Prop performance issues
(all Stainless props)
I was running a 19 with sort of ok performance
rpm 52-5300 @ 52-54 mph
handled well with little to know midrange porposing, great hole shot with poor top end
then I tried a 23 bent to 25 Mirage
rpm 4200 @ 53 mph
handled well but sluggish hole shot, stable at wot
Then I tried a 21 Severly cupped
rpm 4800-5100 @ 56 mph
handled crappy; Porposing throughout the power band except WOT Chine walked in the turns, good hole shot and plained out @ 1600 rpm cruised at 1800-2100 very well with heavy tabs to controll porposing
Tried a 21 High Five
rpm 5000 @ 52-54 mph
Massive Poropsing chine walking, un able to trim out at all, totally un driveable, also at low rpm difficult to plain minimum of 3000 rpm to stay on plain, But mid rang acceleration was extremely good top end very unstable especially if tried to trim out the tiniest bit.
I called Donzi to see what they suggest and to see what the classics leave the factory with. So next I am going to try a 21 Vengence the factory issued prop. Any predictions as to performance??
2.) and then... It likes to die when idling in channels runs great at speed or cruising but does not like to idle, it will idle for a few minutes then dies, sometimes it will idle perfectly for 20-30 minutes then just suts down
seemingly for reason at all.
Thanks for all the input I know will be offered here.

07-13-2011, 12:36 AM
i am running a 1994 16 classic (all stock except for thru-hull exhaust and minor jetting changes) 5.0 liter engine with 4 barrel rochester carb 21 stainless prop (stock) 4900 rpm and have seen 64 mph on gps it will go 59 mph any day of the week with full tank of fuel and driver (running tabs all the way up and out of the water and outdrive (alpha one 1.5 ratio) drive trimmed about half way up ) .Are you sure your carburetor is a 2 barrel ? sounds like you have carb adjustments that need to be done , that boat should run low to mid sixties any day of the week .