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07-07-2011, 08:56 AM

Im in South Africa and have been looking for a Donzi for some time now. I have now found this one (Im told it is a Donzi) but it has been "butchered" quite badly but I believe with work it can be repaired.
What worries me is that I have looked through the threads and all the Baby 16's ive seen are all right hand drive.
According to the owner the boat is a 1983 model again this does not appear to tie up with what Ive read.
Can anybody please give me some advice on what boat you think it is and if it is a Donzi the possible age.
I have not yet asked if there is any identification numbers on the boat and Im not sure if they have cut the numbers under the dash off???


07-09-2011, 06:51 AM
We have some very good guys up here that should chime in, in my opinion it does appear to be a Donzi or a clone. Like you stated the steering dates the hull to an earlier time, seemingly originally setup for a Volvo out drive. Look at the upper right hand side of the transom, see if there is a hull ID#. Also you could try to look under the dash and possibly up by the bow inside for any numbers in magic marker. Let us know what you find!


07-09-2011, 07:57 AM
not sure what this is .things that I would look at and that puzzle me.

first is we now have 2 left hand helm boats on the boards that claim to be donzi 16. there was talk long ago about donzi making a few OB when Don was around. To my knowledge all OB 16 were right hand helm including the experimental model built in 67 and seen in the 68-69 brochure red hull sides white deck and stripe merc OB. the talk was these OB by Don were LH helm. this brings me to my first puzzle were LH controls/LH prop rotation available back then for eggbeaters? on this johnrude you can see a rh control don't work so well on a lh helm.

second is the strakes the angle of the arch upward looks off to me but that could be just the angle of the photo.

I can't see if the outer strake goes all the way to the transom again maybe just the photo

if it is an 83 there should be some HIN on the transom

the dash cutout or lack of cutouts, is there sign of glass work in the gauge area and is there any cutout for a shifter on the lh side?

a donzi or clone this boat has been worked on so much a true ID may be impossible

07-09-2011, 08:13 AM
there was some talk here about 8-9 years ago about a company in South Africa that took a real 16 i/o and popped it... thats not a 16 i/o Donzi deck though, nor is it a real 16 OB deck from any year