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07-05-2011, 07:56 PM
Just ordered and figured out the diferance between a 1\2 BBC cooling system from Performance Products (SK4008) and a Full HP 500HP systems. Since... I'm under 500HP and the time of abusing er... getting my YaYa's off - a savings of $350.... I'll have to buy new hoses - no big deal concidering I'll be mounting to runners low and in front of engine, with reserve tank on firewall. Done right - will at least look good, functional, not interfer with dual batteries and hopefully maintenance routines..

I believe - correct choice - and again - I "believe" I made the right choice. This is the opening to hear from all !!!

System is suitable for BBC water flow demands and temp control. I'm carburated, estimated 425HP - brand new 454 short block .060 over, larger cam (with a thumbs up from the majority of you "experienced" mechs on cam specs), heads with roller rockers, larger studs, rods, guides etc.... sht guys everything is new and quality.....

Bottom line - Just NOT interested in subjecting a new engine to "salt"...

I will still fresh water flush, "Hose the Entire boat" - but now... I'll only be flushing the exhaust system... YeeeeeeeHaaaaaa :)

So far - Sounding good to me ??????

Or ................did I screw up with this "part selection" ?????? :(

07-05-2011, 08:20 PM
I carefully considered that system for the TR until Griz told me about his system.
It really looks like a good piece, and should serve you very well. The pricing was one of the things that I found favorable about it.
One of the things Seakamp did was to eliminate a seperate expansion tank and instead uses a rather large manifold to take its place.
Any remote system has some wonderful advantages, and as I said, this looks like a good one.
If I may suggest, set it up the way it comes and see how you like it.
If you find the manifold is in the way, at some point, a proper expansion tank could be added to the seat back.
Good luck. :yes:

07-05-2011, 09:13 PM
Thanks for the quick responce - It's very appreciated...

The "reserve tank" , a part of the "presurized" HP system, was missing from this selection. Yet I believe?? I can get away wihout it..

And as U stated - Try it and mod latter - Makes sence to me.

I've also added dupilcated gages in the engine compartent - oil, temp and volt - for second referance to the dashboard gages. Reasoning is just not convience - it's accuratcy. Since the previous engine never rose above 125 degrees... something isn't right with a 145 thermo.... and engine showing 125 all the time... So again -

We'll see - One step at a time :)

Again Thanks - Appreciated advice....