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Greg Guimond
06-16-2011, 07:36 PM
I am looking at something and was wondering what rough values might be for some of this stuff. Nothing exact, just trying to get a feel for whether it is on the better end of the quality scale or just run of the mill. I'll include some of the email for color. Any feedback appreciated.

finished with all my hot projects: low 9 second street KZ1000 (1498cc); 6 second original 813 cu. in. Bob Glidden IHRA Pro Stock Thunderbird; 750 cu. in. street 1933 Willys; At 73 years old, I am hanging up anything that is quicker than I can react to.

I am selling all components to power the boat with a small block Chevrolet engine including GIL Hi-Torq stainless exhaust with powdercoated aluminum CGA manifolds, intake, all water pump and hydraulic systems, fuel system (electric Mallory marine), CG HEI distributor, Crane HI-6 CDI ignition system, chromoly cross member engine mount, Keikeifer BIG trim tabs, complete Mercruiser Alpha SS outdrive, several beautiful blueprinted props, and a bunch of small stuff.
I also will be pleased to detail a 434" SBC that I guarantee will out torque and out HP anyone's small block. I have worked with 3 finalists in the Engine Masters Challenge for small blocks where the aggregate Hp and Tq numbers are averaged over the rpm range 2500-6000. This is IDEAL boat power levels!!!

06-16-2011, 07:48 PM
pm sent!

? about the t-bird,is this hank hills old car? lenco set up?

06-16-2011, 07:59 PM
The Bike would be a tough one...( ive seen them at that e.t for 5k to 15k)

But if you find out what the Chassis cert currently is on the T-bird it could be a player in NHRA or IHRA Top Sportsman.

A new Race Car from Jerry Bickel Race Cars rolling ( no engine or trans) will cost you 70k-90k. add 30k for a 632ci with 12deg heads.. add 9k for trans and converter. and for 110k you can go racing.

I estimate the T-bird Turn key with a chassis Certifaction 30-45k.

The Willys the same deal but with a street title makes it more apealing. How streetable?? who knows but with some Pics I could give you an idea of what the market bears maybe 20-35k

Go to racing junk .com and search you may find some comps in pricing.

Greg Guimond
06-16-2011, 08:00 PM
Bad explanation on my part. I don't own any of this stuff yet, I want to buy it and I'm wondering about values.

06-16-2011, 08:09 PM
Bad explanation on my part. I don't own any of this stuff yet, I want to buy it and I'm wondering about values.

t-bird,depends on the builder of the engine,what drive trane,lenco, matic car..

a friend just sold a 1967 camaro ihra nos nastalga pro street 7 second chassie with out power,trans and rear gear (just the axles and housing) for 25k..

the willies, if its a nicely done street rod,,i saw a blown one go (oe steel body) for 55 k..

the rest of the stuff???? what ever someone will pay, may have interest in the 434..