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06-15-2011, 07:23 PM
Just thought I would pass on a TIP about my very recent JAVA update experience from JAVA 6-25 to JAVA 6-26. Too many machinations (looking for an Error.. or something) over two FULL days.

PROBLEM: I couldn't connect with The DRUDGE Report. (All my other sites came up as usual).

It was taking years to connect to DRUDGE, and once connected.. it would drop out.. and start all over again looking...after maybe a minute.

As a Conservative.. I NEED the REAL News.. Don't need no stinkin National Barrack Channel (NBC) and Drudge is where you get REAL (Unbiased) news. I was going into withdrawal. TWO days with no news.

The problem seems to have been a Faulty JAVA Update. Maybe local..(my computer..)

SOLUTION: Totally UN-Install JAVA from the computer.. Then.. download JAVA 6-26 from the JAVA Website.. and re-install. BINGO. If this helps someone..good. :) :) DJ

BTW: I don't allow "automatic updates" of any kind. They notify me first..then I decide. :)