View Full Version : 1972 17' browning trihull open bow

05-29-2011, 01:10 AM
Im just throwing this out their..This boat was my dads and it does have under 100 hours on it..he bought it in 1981 from a doctor that never used it with 72 hours on it..WE took the boat out when i was a kid One time for one day and my dad complained that it cost too much to run so needless to say the boat sat out of the water on the trailer since 1981 and has not been used since..he always started the engine once a year but has not been run since 2005 but is sitting inside our garage..the raccoons broke into it in the mid 80's and trashed the interior but since this happened the whole interior was redone and is new and still wrapped in plastic..

This a project boat and will need a little work..the floor got soft so my dad took it out and started to re do it but got terminally sick and never finished it..it has either a 130 or a 140 hp Chrysler outboard which like i said has less than 100 hours on it.. It also comes with a gator trailer whoo hoo! ill get some more pics tomorrow if any body is interested..i will discuss a price with my sister and brother and will post it..

Delta Mac
10-27-2011, 12:20 PM
Hi, I'm interested in that Browning. Do you have some more photo's? What motor is in it? Do you happen to know the model name?

My Dad has a boat that looks the same (same hull, color, year), and I'm looking for another one of the same for a project.

Let me know.

Mac Leckrone